Welcome to python-telegram’s documentation

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Client for the tdlib library (at very early stage :) ).


At first you must install tdlib.

How to build tdlib

Official documentation

Do not forget install it after:

make install

Library installation

This library works with Python 3.6+ only.

python3 -m pip install python-telegram

After you must register a new Telegram application.

Now you can start using the library: Tutorial.


You can find more examples here.


The tdlib binary for Linux provided by python-shortcuts is built on Ubuntu with libc since version 0.10.0. Before 0.10.0, Alpine Linux was used with musl.


This library has a docker image

docker run -i -t --rm \
            -v /tmp/docker-python-telegram/:/tmp/ \
            akhmetov/python-telegram \
            python3 /app/examples/send_message.py $(API_ID) $(API_HASH) $(PHONE) $(CHAT_ID) $(TEXT)